Judi Oyama Slalom by Eloise Dorr


Slalom skate is inspired by a photo my dad Richard Oyama took at my first slalom race in Capitola. Eloise Dorr painted that image with her whimsical style.
Eloise Dörr is a 22 year old artist from Oxford, now living and working in London. The main feature in her work are small silhouette characters who spend all of their time skateboarding, falling over and generally plodding along with their simple lives. She paints these characters and their environments from her studio in South London, and if she's not there she'll probably be out skating with her friends (if the English weather permits!)

4" x 4"
Vinyl sticker
Made in the USA.
High quality white 3.4mil Vinyl rated to last up to 5 years outdoors,
2.5mil Glossy UV Laminate Eco-Solvent inks produce vibrant
Full Color

This is design is © & ™ and is registered intellectual property.
These are on my Badass Skatemom website. I was going to do a short run skateboard deck but things got to hectic in my life dealing with aging parents. I couldn't afford to put myself out there and fund it and take care of them.